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Wallpaper is a transformative element that can completely redefine your interior space. Its popularity lies in its unique ability to incorporate a myriad of designs, textures, and colors that paint simply cannot achieve. With remarkable durability, ease of installation, and the potential for personal expression, wallpaper offers a cost-effective and stylish solution to interior decoration.

Use wallpaper in unexpected places like this laundry. Who wouldn't want to do laundry?


It brings an added layer of sophistication, drama, or whimsy to a room, depending on your choice. Furthermore, the innovative features available in modern wallpapers, such as soundproofing or thermal insulation, add functional benefits to their aesthetic appeal. Embracing wallpaper in your home is a fantastic way to elevate and personalize your living space.

This small powder room has been made elegant and light filled with this beautiful wallpaper.


Wallpaper, with roots dating back to the 16th century, has seen significant evolution. Patterns have become bolder and larger, whole wall murals have gained popularity, and a variety of textures can be added, either through faux patterns or materials like grass cloth and glass bead.

Modern wall murals are often printed on durable, easy-to-install materials, making it possible to create dramatic changes to an interior space without extensive renovation.


Last month, in an Associated Press article by Kim Cook, she wrote that “In the Emmy-nominated opening credits of HBO’s ‘The White Lotus,’ wall-paper-like images told a story: The tropical prints started off innocuously enough, but then turned ominous. Fruit started rotting, fish got tangled in seaweed, and a sense of foreboding set the whole premise of an exotic paradise on its edge. The artist, Lezio Lopes, has said he was trying to evoke the design and themes of the shows resort suites.”

Hollywood made good use of wallpaper in HBO's The White Lotus.

Cook wrote “It’s a surreal example of a current trend in décor–wallpapers that combine art and narrative qualities to set the mood of a room. Some take us to wild places in nature, others to wild worlds born in artists’ imaginations. They go way beyond your nice stripe or simple floral. They tell a story.


Although wallpaper has been around a long time, it is making a significant comeback. Here are some things to consider:


  • Seek professional advice: Wallpaper selection can be overwhelming due to the variety available.
  • Remember the room’s function: The purpose of a room should influence the wallpaper choice. Serene patterns suit bedrooms, while vibrant ones may suit living areas.
  • Start with an accent wall: If unsure about wallpaper, start with an accent wall for an added focal point.
  • Consider the ceiling: Wallpaper on the ceiling can add an unexpected touch of drama.
  • Test a sample: Ensure the chosen wallpaper complements the room under different light conditions.
  • Discuss style: Discuss your stylistic preferences with a designer who can help align your wallpaper choice with the overall room style.
  • Explore peel and stick options: This is ideal for rooms like a child’s that might need more frequent changes.


Wallpaper on the ceiling can be a creative way to add drama and interest to a room.


  • Overuse bold patterns: Bold patterns can overwhelm the space and create visual chaos.
  • Neglect furniture: Ensure wallpaper complements rather than clashes with your furniture.
  • DIY if unsure: Wallpaper installation can be tricky, so consider a professional for a seamless finish.


Dark wallpaper makes a sleeping nook feel even more cozy and the wallpaper beautifully contrasts the tribal art.

Wallpaper holds a powerful influence over a room’s overall design aesthetic. It can dramatically alter the mood, add depth, and even visually expand a space. Whether you’re seeking a subtle backdrop or a bold statement, the right wallpaper can transform your interiors in extraordinary ways.

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