Home Staging

If you are trying to sell your home, it is vital to give a first good impression to buyers. People touring your home want to imagine how they are going to live in the house and don’t want to see evidence of your life! Call our staging professional Barbara Hayman to arrange for a home consultation and discuss how she can help improve your chances of a quicker sale.

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Staging Consultation

Staging a home for resale can be a traumatic event for the seller. Barbara sympathetically helps homeowners to transition out of one home, looking forward to moving to a new place and making it unique and special.

Preparing a home for sale means divesting it of your personality so that the prospective buyer can imagine themselves living in the house and adding their own creative stamp. This will mean removing things you may hold dear.

Barbara will come to your house with fresh eyes and will create a list of how you can  achieve a faster sale with a higher value. Although staging may not always bring a higher offer, it will certainly help the house to stand out from competition.

Home staging should take place prior to your realtor having your listing photographs taken because you want the potential buyer to get the best first impression!

Staging a Furnished Home

Furnished homes sell faster than empty ones because buyers find it hard to visualize how they are going to lay out their furniture, particularly in an open plan home. We want the prospective purchaser to feel an emotional connection from the beginning.

Barbara will advise on what to remove from each space then come up with a plan of how to best stage your home to promote its best features. You want to show purchasers a clean but not sterile home, one that looks approachable and move-in ready.

Any difficult areas in your home such as a dual-purpose guest room or an awkward loft space should be fully staged as buyers don’t want to be overwhelmed, worrying about how to use the space.

Call Barbara Hayman at 407-819-5841 to discuss how she can help stage your home.