Easy Florida Living

Barbara’s clients wanted each space in their second home to be a beautiful, happy, tranquil haven of relaxation and enjoyment. Their wish list included jewel tones in azure blues and greens with a coastal vibe. The family room space needed to be welcoming and inviting, colorful and fun, utilizing kid and pet-friendly products while still maintaining a luxury coastal resort vibe.

Location: Orlando, Florida

Designer Credits: Barbara Hayman

Project Overview:

Barbara selected brilliant Caribbean blues and greens, rattan, woven and other natural products as the inspiration for the family room. We anchored the natural taupe wood floor with a soft rug in bold navy, ivory and charcoal. The white bench-seat sofa with softly rounded legs add a refreshing feel to the space with its clean simple lines and inviting Performance-Crypton, kid-friendly fabric accented with navy and indigo throw pillows.

Stunning sable rattan chairs in a driftwood hue with custom chair cushion seats in an indigo Performance fabric add to the seating along with fun natural braided straw stools that we customized in a durable textured white vinyl. Woven wood Roman shades add to the variety of textures adding to the warmth and cozy feel in the room.

Bold cobalt artwork creates a striking focal point next to the warmth of the fireplace in the room while the fun accessories have the eyes dancing merrily around this stunning space.

Easy Florida Living